C. Stolle, B. Fluche ”Welcome / Introduction

L. Nerger “Ensemble Data Assimilation – Methods, Applications, and Software

S. Sanchez “Geomagnetic Data Assimilation - Perspectives for probing the Earth’s core dynamics

J. Saynisch, C. Irrgang, J. Petereit “OceanMag-II: Progress and Outlook

C. Haeger, M. Kaban “Decompensative gravity anomalies reveal the structure of the upper crust of Antarctica

F. Conte, J.L Chau “Polar-night Jet Oscillations and their impact on the MLT dynamics

T. Matsuo “Coupled Thermosphere-Ionosphere Data Assimilation”

J. Baerenzung “Sequential assimilation of geomagnetic satellite data

F. Vervelidou “A new data set selection scheme to obtain a geomagnetic quiet-time satellite magnetic field data set for lithospheric magnetic field modeling”                     

K. Vielberg, C. Xiong, J. Kusche, C. Stolle, A. Löcher, A. Corbin “Thermospheric neutral density: Combining in-situ measurements and models

E. Yigit, A.S. Medvedev, P. Hartogh “Global-scale modeling of wave-induced atmospheric coupling and validation

L. Nerger “Tutorial: Data Assimilation – Methods, Applications, and Software



C. Arras "Sporadic E layer properties at equatorial latitudes"

E. Baykiev, J. Ebbing, J. Fullea "Global study of the magnetic lithosphere using satellite gravity and magnetic data together with seismic results"

C. Lück, B. Uebbing, R. Rietbroek, J. Kusche "Using Swarm to derive global sea level budgets"

T. Gerzen, B. Heilig, H. Lühr, M. Schmidt "Multi-Satellite ionosphere-plasmasphere Electron density reconstruction (MuSE)

M. Schmidt, L. Zeitler, J. Kusche, A. Corbin, K. Vielberg, A. Löcher, C. Stolle, C. Xiong, U. Hugentobler, C. Bamann, K. Börger, E. Forootan, M. Schumacher "Development of High-precision Thermosphere Models for Improving Precise Orbit Determination of Low-Earth-Orbiting Satellites (TIPOD)"

L. Pick, F. Effenberger, M. Korte, I. Zhelavskaya "A statistical classifier for historical geomagnetic storm drivers derived solely from ground-based magnetic field measurements"

J. Rodriguez-Zuluaga, C. Stolle, Y. Yamazaki, H. Lühr "Assessing the balance between plasma and magnetic pressure across equatorial plasma depletions"

I. Fernandez-Gomez, A. Goss, M. Schmidt, S. Codrescu, M. Codrescu, C. Borries, A. Schlicht "The performance of physics-based and empirical models during the St. Patrick's Day storm 2015"

N. Holzrichter "An ultra lightweight aeromag platform for local measurements"

K. Schulze, J. Kusche, O. Engels, H. Gerdener, C. Lück "Assimilating GRACE, Swarm and discharge into a hydrological model"

J. Vogt, A. Blagau, C. Bunescu, M. He "Local least squares estimation of auroral field-aligned currents"

A. Corbin, K. Vielberg, A. Löcher, J. Kusche "Calibration of key parameters in thermospheric density models"

M. He, J.L Chau "Near-12hr waves detected in the mesosphere using ground-based radar observations from three longitudinal sectors during sudden stratospheric warming events (SSWs)"

E.A. Kronberg, M. Schmidt, E. Erdogan, T. Gerzen, A. Goss, R. Ilie "Dynamics of ionospheric electrons during St. Patrick's Day magnetic storm in the context of space weather"

D. Yixiati, J. Ebbing, W. Szwillus "Clustering inversion of magnetic susceptibility in Australia"

A. Shabanloui, S. Svitlov, J. Flury "Estimation of thermospheric density variations based on Swarm accelerometer and POD observations during storm periods"

L. Schreiter, D. Arnold, C. Stolle, A. Jäggi "Quantifying the plasmaspheric electron content in Swarm GPS TEC using Sentinel GPS TEC"

A. Schlicht, J. Kodet, J. Eckl, M. Hannemann, B. Strelnikov "Evaluation of the Behaviour of Metals to Plasmawaves"

L. Zeitler, M. Schmidt, M. Bloßfeld, R. Rudenko "Comparison of thermospheric density provided from LEO satellites by empirical models and TIE-GCM"